This week in virtuallori, by the numbers
Temperature outside at noon yesterday, according to the thermometer just inside the open garage door: 98° (not the boy band)
Temperature in my un-air-conditioned house: at least 10° hotter than that
Days off this week: 2
Hottest days so far this year coinciding with my days off: 2
Number of things crossed off the to-do list Monday and Tuesday: 27
Number of things on to-do list shelved because it was too damn hot to patch and reseal the driveway, cut the grass, etc.: 15
Number of boxes filled for Goodwill: 4
Number of books posted for sale on Amazon: 8
Number sold in the last 24 hours: 2
Number of books not posted on Amazon but set aside to give away because the effort isn't worth the reward: 25
Gallons of lemonade consumed in the last 96 hours: 5
Raindrops fallen (on head or otherwise): 0
Number of hours spent at the lovely, air-conditioned Avon Lake library on Tuesday: 1.5
Number of hours I would have liked to have spent there: 6+
Estimated number of pounds lost through sweat alone: 7
Showers taken: at least 8
Number of times I've said to myself that I really need to change my Blogger profile picture: 5
Number of times I've been asked to start posting again: 2

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