A Great Cause
My sister Lisa and I are co-captaining a team for the MADD Strides for Change 5K walk in Cleveland on Sunday, June 4. Our team is called "Friends of Colin" because we will be walking in honor of her friend Colin Kelley, who was killed by a drunk driver.

If you are in the Cleveland area, I encourage you to join our team of walkers by visiting

Choose Cleveland from the drop-down menu, then "Join an existing team." Search for "Friends of Colin."

The festivities start at Jacobs Field at 6 p.m., and the walk officially starts at 6:30. We are determined to have the BIGGEST team of walkers and raise the MOST money from the Cleveland area -- we're talking dozens of walkers and thousands of dollars. We are also determined to have the most FUN of all the participating groups, so go there and sign up now. Where else -- other than my birthday party -- will you see Taco Patty and my mother at the same event? The potential humor value alone is worth it.

If you are not in the Cleveland area and/or can't participate for whatever reason, I encourage you to become a virtual walker by making a contribution to our team. You can do that following the same link and searching for my name as a participant or "Friends of Colin" as a team name. Even if all you can contribute is $5, it will make a difference and be much appreciated. Of course, $25 is better, and $50 gets you a drink on me next time we're out (oh, the irony!), so be as generous as you can. And please, if you work for a company that matches donations, fill out that form. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for your support.

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